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Wondering how to get in front of the right clients? Feel like you are just throwing things at the wall to see what sticks? Lets get you up and running with a purposeful system! Walk away with your 2019 business plan in hand ready to roll!











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December 2018

We will walk through every step to set up your 2019 Photography Business Plan

 Pre Class Homework: Watch the full Digital Marketing for Photographers video course (Included)


*Funnel Theory

*Search vs scroll capture

*Core messaging 

*Email marketing

2. Google is the mother ship!

*Google my business



3. Website and SEO

*Tour of my website

*Lead/Website Interaction

*Automating inquiry emails

*Blog for SEO

*Landing pages

4. CPC ads

*Facebook ads

*Google AdWords Express

*Ad Espresso

5. Building assets like graphics and content for posts

6. Building a local Instagram base

7. Tracking and analyzing spreadsheet system

8. Posting calendar for 1 year


The full funnel- how I got 50 emails into my list in 24hours

4 Weekly Webinars:

1. Goals and your business plan including mindset and personal care

2. Back end systems and automation (What to do with the clients once you get them)

3. Differentiating yourself in the Market, Pricing, Sales

4. Creating and implementing your marketing elements and other content creation

Private Facebook Group 

Support, questions, extra bonus content and materials

Exclusive pricing on continued mentoring 

Are you ready to make THE DECISION?

Success in your business comes down to just one thing: YOU making the decision to do whatever it takes. But that doesn't mean you have to waste time testing marketing tactics by yourself. Pull back the curtain on everything I do to keep my calendar full and my sales consistent so that I can provide for my household and still have time to actually spend with them. ;)

Time is running out!

"I told my husband this morning that you have pushed me more than anyone ever has. I finally have something that I want to work for."

November Intensive Student

"I have turned my new business (2 months old) in a small town in the middle of nowhere into actually bringing in real money thanks to Ashley and her one on one mentoring. "

Mentoring Student

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