Website Building Workshop

Starts JULY 18!

Lectures will be given LIVE on Google Hangouts and posted in a private facebook group. Assignments will be posted in the private facebook group.

Websites will be built ok Kajabi with a free trial (so that we are all working in the same space learning the concepts), and attendees will have the choice to launch the kajabi site live or take the skills and transfer them to another platform. 

*We will NOT be answering tech questions about other platforms during the course in order to respect the pace of the class.

Grab your seat

3 Weeks, ready to launch! Step by step guided bootcamp.

Stop fighting against your website and start using one that works FOR you instead of against you. Build out your new website on a 28 day free trial before deciding if you would like to launch and continue on the Kajabi platform or apply your new skills to another platform.

Easy Modular Interface

Build your photography website on a platform that allows easy drag and drop changes in just seconds. 

Great SEO

Kajabi makes it easy to build a website that is extremely google friendly, helping to get you much higher on search engine results

Put your website to work!

Design a website that automates many secretarial tasks including inquiry response emails, marketing emails and lead generation!

Ashley Siegert

I found the Kajabi platform by accident when working on another project, and I was blown away by the easy modular interface, and the ability to run all of my email marketing and client communications right inside my website!

I have reduced the time needed to manage clients dramatically, and my google rankings have skyrocketed.

Kajabi is a major reason my business has grown well into 6 figures. 

Let me show you how to use it to build a photography website that reduces your stress and raises your profile and profits! 


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