How to: Find more photography clients

Are you a photographer struggling to get clients in the door?

+ Does the idea of learning this whole "digital marketing thing" stress you out?

+ Are you constantly seeing cheap photographers posting in Mom's groups and that irks you? 




Hey There!

I'm Ashley, and I have TOTALLY been there. 

So I got to work researching, learning and testing ALL THE THINGS for my own portrait company. I saw what worked and what didn't, made changes, and now I'm one of the top photographers in my market, running a 6 figure business with a GREAT reputation and I even retired my husband to be a stay-at-home dad. 

BUT that is the crazy way to do things. I don't want you to do all that research and testing. Why re-invent the wheel? I already did all that. 

So let me show you what I learned and the system I developed to so that marketing machine constantly bring clients in the door.

Say No More... Give me all the secrets.

What's Included?

23 Bite Sized Videos

I will walk you through how I set up everything to work FOR me to bring eyeballs from the internet into MY digital eco system and guide them to take action and book me. 

Marketing Calendar

What to post, how to attack Facebook and Google ads, best blog topic ideas, email marketing, SEO and more. BUT ONLY what you need to know to make it work for what you do. 

Tracking System

My favorite piece!! This workbook will show you every penny you have spent on marketing, and what was the return on that investment? Where are people falling off if they don't book?

Imagine This...

  • A potential client finds you online
  • She visits your website and requests more information
  • The follow-up email is automatically sent to her inbox with a link to...
  • Book a consultation or shoot time
  • Suddenly, it shows up on your calendar!! You haven't even been personally involved yet! SHE'S BOOKED!
  • There is no limit to how many times you repeat this.
Um... Yes please!

Yeah, but...

Real talk. This is a teaching GUIDE, not a magic pill. If you do not start thinking of yourself as a marketer and not just a photographer, you will be stuck in this cycle of "I need more clients." ...forever.

So yes, if you commit to your marketing systems, this will absolutely work and it will save you SO MUCH time and testing money. In fact, you are loosing money every minute you are not implementing these marketing strategies. 

Honestly, you can't afford not to. 

If you want to be in business, you have to have clients. Thats just plain fact. 

"I can't afford it" ACTUALLY means, "I'm not willing to do what it takes to make it happen. I don't value it enough."

So you don't value getting clients into your business? Time to close up shop.

Really cash strapped? Send me an email, we can work out a payment plan. It's just too important.

This course is written specifically for:

1. A photographer who is overwhelmed at the idea of learning all of the strategies out there to leverage digital marketing for consistent bookings.

2. A photographer who is maybe a tad intimidated by spreadsheets and business plans.

3. A photographer that wants to lean into making this whole "photography thing" work as a business that contributes real money into her (his) household.

4. A photographer that is eager to "figure it out," but doesn't want to waste tons of time and money along the way.


"I can't get over how wonderful this information is. I'm Setting it all up tonight. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!"

DMFP student

"THE BEST marketing information I have seen in a LONG time."

Ellie Hill
DMFP Student

"Ashley holds nothing back-- The information provided in this marketing course is INVALUABLE."

Jo Robertson
DMFP Student

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