Documenting Families

Life as a family is full of milestones.

From birth, through childhood, graduation, weddings, and every sweet moment in between, we are committed to creating fine art pieces that you and your family will cherish for generations.

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Meet Ashley Siegert, your new family documentary photographer.

Birth, Newborn and First Year

Our most popular program documents your journey through the first year of parenthood with birth coverage, and/or 4 portrait sessions and ending with a Baby's First Year album

Senior Portrait Session

Graduation marks a major family achievement and milestone for any high school or college senior. Celebrate with a custom designed senior portrait session guaranteed to highlight your studen't unique personality.

Family Portrait Session

Your family is growing and changing so quickly. Be sure to make time to capture these moments before they are long gone. Each family portrait session is custom designed to fit your family's personality and style. Documentary style or fine art, our certified professional photographers, Ashley and Kathy are ready to create pieces that will spark joy when you walk by them hanging on your wall each day.

Garner and Diamond Weddings

The two things you will walk away with after your wedding are your new spouse, and your photos. You will also spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than you will even with your betrothed. Make sure you choose someone you connect with, someone you enjoy who will create the most incredible custom portraits you could dream of.

Meghan Garner and Ashley Siegert have teamed together to bring you  complete fine art wedding coverage that will be your absolute favorite choice in planning your day...second only to your choice of mate.

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