Ideas for holiday promotions

Hey there PhotoBoss!

So the holiday season is right up on us and if you are like 90% of other photographers, you are wondering if you should have already come up with some holiday promotions, or how to market them effectively. 

Here are my thoughts on holiday promotions, if I may.

1. Discount is a 4 letter word. 

The thing about discounting straight out (Book NOW for 20% off!!) is that it plants a seed in the client's mind that your work is not worth a premium price, and that you are open to changing your prices. There are ways to offer holiday urgency without subconsciously devaluing your work.  Such as...

2. Use this as an opportunity to offer limited edition sessions.

Holiday sets? Exclusive Locations? What can you do to create something they can't get somewhere else and only run it for a short window. 

I am personally not a big fan of mini sessions, but if priced right, this is a great time to offer something new and different. If you are going to do them, make them AMAZING.

3. Try out a limited edition partnership with another business

For my Black Friday deal this year, I partnered with a blow dry bar to offer a hair and makeup head shot bundle. We are then able to cross market to both of  your audiences. Is there a local business you have thought about approaching for a cross promotion?

4. Giveaway

This is different from a discount, and I only do them 1 or 2 times per year, but one way to get eyeballs to your digital world is to offer a giveaway, but watch very closely to how I structure it.

*Create a post and stipulate that to be entered to win, the person must A. Like the page, B.Like the post and C.Tag 3 friends D. Share the post.

*The winner will receive a Session Fee Voucher and 1-11x14 print. ALL OTHER PRINTS AND FILES SOLD SEPARATELY. (Opportunity for massive up-sell) *Note, this is not a discount!

The last time I did this, I ended up shooting a fabulous blogger's new branding images and making over $900 profit while adding a bunch of new business page likes.

If you decide to do this, try to do it on a day OTHER than Black Friday so that it doesn't get lost in a sea of other offers and promotions. 

5. Partner with a charity

Perhaps run a promotion where you donate X for every Y booked. Find a charity you feel passionate about and do a profit share or drive. This is another great opportunity for cross audience promotion.

Do you have some great holiday promotion ideas? Come share them with our super awesome and supportive photographer community The Business of Portrait and Birth Photography

See you in there!



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