Do I REALLY have to learn ALL of the digital marketing "stuff" for my photography business to work?

Hey girl,

Ok, so you have your photography business up and running and you are thinking... I just need clients.  Ok, no problem. Marketing.... marketing.... what am I supposed to do for marketing? 

So you look at all of the facebook groups and you start to see that there is this big mountain of a job ahead of you. Website optimization, facebook ads, google ads, blogging, social media...

"Omg, I just want to take pictures and make some extra money for my family. Now I have to become a master of the internet too?" 

Well, the answer to that is... yes and no. 

The reality is that there are thousands of strategies now for driving traffic to your business, and they all have merit in some way, but at the end of the day you only need to capture people from 2 places:

1. The search (Google) and

2. The scroll (social media)

And those 2 strategies need to be designed (simply) to begin a conversation with the right kind of person for your business. Once you have...

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Your Business Plan Is Home Base

Hey there, super awesome photographer. 

I know, the phrase "business plan" is not your favorite. 

It might as well be 4 letters, right? When I asked my facebook group what the phrase "business plan" made them feel, I got the following responses: (I actually copied and pasted these from the thread)

*Cold sweats

*I draw a major blank!

*Uhhh panic attack?

*My whole body tightens and I clench my teeth...heart palpitations, headache...

*I feel my eyes glaze over.

YOU GUYS! I get it. I really do. It is just another project, right? AS IF you don't have enough of those in your business.

And it doesn't even seem like a fun one. And who even needs a business plan if they are not pitching investors right? We are one-(wo)man shows, who are we trying to impress with some formal document? 

But I am going to let you in on a little secret.  

Creating a business plan is the secret key to EVERYTHING. It is your home base, your compass, your road map. ...

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