Ideas for holiday promotions

Hey there PhotoBoss!

So the holiday season is right up on us and if you are like 90% of other photographers, you are wondering if you should have already come up with some holiday promotions, or how to market them effectively. 

Here are my thoughts on holiday promotions, if I may.

1. Discount is a 4 letter word. 

The thing about discounting straight out (Book NOW for 20% off!!) is that it plants a seed in the client's mind that your work is not worth a premium price, and that you are open to changing your prices. There are ways to offer holiday urgency without subconsciously devaluing your work.  Such as...

2. Use this as an opportunity to offer limited edition sessions.

Holiday sets? Exclusive Locations? What can you do to create something they can't get somewhere else and only run it for a short window. 

I am personally not a big fan of mini sessions, but if priced right, this is a great time to offer something new and different. If you are going to do...

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Your Business Plan Is Home Base

Hey there, super awesome photographer. 

I know, the phrase "business plan" is not your favorite. 

It might as well be 4 letters, right? When I asked my facebook group what the phrase "business plan" made them feel, I got the following responses: (I actually copied and pasted these from the thread)

*Cold sweats

*I draw a major blank!

*Uhhh panic attack?

*My whole body tightens and I clench my teeth...heart palpitations, headache...

*I feel my eyes glaze over.

YOU GUYS! I get it. I really do. It is just another project, right? AS IF you don't have enough of those in your business.

And it doesn't even seem like a fun one. And who even needs a business plan if they are not pitching investors right? We are one-(wo)man shows, who are we trying to impress with some formal document? 

But I am going to let you in on a little secret.  

Creating a business plan is the secret key to EVERYTHING. It is your home base, your compass, your road map. ...

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