Is getting a mentor the right step?

Many of you have heard me talk about the old school apprentice model, where artists studied for years under an experienced photographer, or commission painter before ever daring to strike out on their own. 

These years provided the opportunity to see behind the curtain and learn both what to do, and more importantly what NOT to do. This saved lots of wasted time and effort on the student's part. It also saved many people from quitting or venturing out into full time practice altogether, because they determined that it was, or was not, the life they really wanted to pursue. 

With the digital revolution came a lower barrier to entry and BOOM...photographers everywhere! No longer was it a requirement to spend years under the tutelage of a studio owner in order to start a photography business. 

But with this change, we as an industry lost the expectation that we as artists/business owners should find someone to show us the ropes. We are having to make the expensive mistakes ourselves in order to learn.

So what if you COULD see behind the curtain of a photography business that IS consistently booking, selling and delivering?

What if you could ask unlimited questions?

What if you could just dip your toe into a mentoring relationship before having to commit?

...See what it's all about and test out a mentor before diving in long term?

...Understand what it looks like to have a working business plan with this whole photo thing?

...Create a system of online lead generation?

...Save yourself the expensive mistakes without committing thousands of dollars and months of time up front?

Sound like that could work? 

I have talked to so many struggling photographers, and I have come up with a solution for you. 

This November I am running a 4 week intensive.

We will start with pre-class homework where you will watch my full Digital Marketing for Photographers video course. ($399 if purchased alone)

You will get 4 weekly webinars where we go over all the things I talk about with my private mentoring students. We will determine your goals, how to create a business plan and workflow to meet those goals and how to implement marketing strategies to fill the client roster. ($350)

You will be part of a private facebook group JUST FOR THIS INTENSIVE for questions, support and extra bonus material. (Only offered in my boot camps before now at $2,000)

Total value: $2949

I am running this ONE TIME this year for $449. 

No promises about running it ever again.

At the end, you can decide:

Would you benefit from continued one-on-one mentoring, or does having this solid foundation prepare you enough to hit the ground running and dominate your market? I will have some of each. And that's ok. Remember this used to be a standard YEARS LONG process. 

My past boot camps have been $2k. My private mentoring starts at $1500/month. You can NOT get this access at this price anywhere else. 

So, are you in or out? Are you ready to put your money where your mouth is and set up shop with an actual plan instead of just floating around hoping something will stick?

Then click here to sign up. 

Already have the DMFP class? Shoot me a message and I will send you a custom code- you won't be paying for the video class twice. 

Let's start 2019 with a real plan, shall we?

Digital Marketing For Photographers

Learn all the step by step tools I use on a daily basis to keep consistent bookings in my studio with consistent sales. Set up and turn on a machine that gets people off the internet and in your door!

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