Your Business Plan Is Home Base

Hey there, super awesome photographer. 

I know, the phrase "business plan" is not your favorite. 

It might as well be 4 letters, right? When I asked my facebook group what the phrase "business plan" made them feel, I got the following responses: (I actually copied and pasted these from the thread)

*Cold sweats

*I draw a major blank!

*Uhhh panic attack?

*My whole body tightens and I clench my teeth...heart palpitations, headache...

*I feel my eyes glaze over.

YOU GUYS! I get it. I really do. It is just another project, right? AS IF you don't have enough of those in your business.

And it doesn't even seem like a fun one. And who even needs a business plan if they are not pitching investors right? We are one-(wo)man shows, who are we trying to impress with some formal document? 

But I am going to let you in on a little secret.  

Creating a business plan is the secret key to EVERYTHING. It is your home base, your compass, your road map. 

I know it is easy to gloss over those words, but stop and think about that for a second. If you make yourself a map, you know where you are going and when you get off track, you can course correct!

The last couple of weeks, I have been leading a group of 8 photographers through the process of creating a business plan for the new year, and what they are starting to discover is that their businesses are NOT going how they thought.

When you are a solopreneuer, it is SO EASY to convince yourself that things are all fine and dandy because nobody is there to call you out. But if you have a quality road map, you have the tools to call yourself out and to make profitable changes!!

Your business plan can actually be the source of your peace. It can set up your mind to know that you are taking daily steps towards the life of your dreams.

I have actually seen this change people's relationships, family life, stress levels, sleeping patterns, confidence, is all tied together. How you act in your business is how you act in your life. So is it time to get your act together?

I don't care if your goal is as small as an extra $500/month into your household, or to build a million dollar corporation, without a plan, you are just standing still or wandering aimlessly. 

My process of leading photographers to build a business plan goes something like this:

1. I ask you to answer some tough personal questions about your REAL goals and dreams. Because, friend, why create a business that serves anything else besides what your dream life could look like? Ultimately, what are your goals?

2. We break down why marketing is the core of how you can make this whole "photography thing" actually work. (Because without marketing, you have no clients, and without clients you have no business.)

3. We change your systems (editing, sales, ordering) to serve you so that you stop spending time and money on things that don't matter. I show you how to automate your client intake so that your client's experience is top notch, so then they will write great reviews!

4. We break down how to create funnels to run people from the internet into your doors and spit them out as dollars, rinse, repeat.

5. Then we plan how to space out your marketing budget to get the RIGHT eyeballs at the RIGHT time to meet your goals. 

6. Then we plan where every dollar should be coming and going. 

7. I include my entire "Digital Marketing for Photographers" video course so that you have the answers to all of your online marketing questions right at your fingertips, and the tracking system to see where every dollar goes and how your marketing is working.

Here is the best part. When you have this plan to come back to, and you find yourself in a struggle point, it gives you ANSWERS, ACTION STEPS, and FIXES!

This is the stuff that separates the success stories from the burn outs. 

It's not a super sexy photoshop action, it's not new-lens-aka-business-retail-therapy, but I 100% promise you that investing in business planning education is the BEST POSSIBLE money that you can spend on your business if you want to reach your goals next year. 

What's your dream? What's your goal? Why not now? What's the delay? If not now, when? 

"I don't have the money right now." - Not a valid excuse. Because I am always happy to work with you on a payment plan AND, if you don't PLAN for next year's money flow, this will never change, it will be a constant block.

"I don't know what I want my business to look like yet"- I can help with that. It's all part of the process.

"I don't think my work is good enough." Also part of the process, totally confidence based. I can help.

"My spouse doesn't get it, I could never tell them I want to do this"... WAY more common than you think. Email me. I can help. 

"I am ultimately scared to sell." Sell is not the dirty word we think it is. This can be overcome. 


If you want to do it with your camera, I can help. 


 Email me for payment plans. [email protected]

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